We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of pecan nut, bought and selected in the best pecan farms of México and processed whether into an almond without shell or to be sold on its shell, under the most strict quality standards and best practices to guarantee to the consumer a completely safe and clean product and with an excellent flavor


To bring our Pecan Nut to National and International markets in order to increase the nuts consumption habits of the largest possible population.

With this we aim to help the population on having a healthier alimentation, with the nutritional properties and benefits that only the Pecan Nut can offer.


  1. To sell and market only high quality nuts

  2. To deliver the product clean and free of any kind of harmful bacteria.

  3. To make sure the quality on the packaging is always maintained

  4. To sell at competitive prices.

  5. To be a social responsible company by supporting local farmers

  6. To attend all doubts, comments and suggestions of each of our customers.